The Concord Card Casino Linz

Poker with passion!

In addition, we are offering a grand poker location in Linz, Upper Austria. This particular site, The CCC Linz, opened in May 2013. Positioned at its current location, The Arcotel Nike Linz, it is much more visitor friendly than the Rudolf Road Poker Room which has been quite popular from 1995 onward. However, it is noteworthy to know that the Original Concord Card Casino Linz was located onboard a Boat on the River Danube where a Game of Poker always meant “Good Times” for everyone on Deck.

CCC Concord Card Casino LinzThe CCC Linz offers 24/7 live poker at 17 poker tables in 2 different game rooms. Daily tournaments are held in a private tournament Hall. Poker Specials (see news column) provide even more live poker action! The Cash Game is mostly Texas Hold'em 1/2, however, several times a week the CCC offers Omaha Blind 2, instead.

The CCC Cooks and The Arcotel Nike Linz offer hot meals and a large selection of drinks around the clock, and, for your convenience, we’ll be more than glad to serve you at Your Poker Table.


The CCC Team Linz is greatly looking forward to your visit; Please, we’ll assure you, you will always feel welcome at our facility! Come Anytime and truly enjoy yourself!