Grillerei jeden Sonntag

Jeden Sonntag ab 15:00 Uhr gibt es Grillerei von den Cooks für alle Gäste, natürlich nur wenn das Wetter passt.

Bregenz Deep Stack Series 2014

Jeden letzten Freitag, Samstag und Sonntag im Monat findet eines unserer Bregenz Deep Stack Series statt.

Freitag und Samstag werden Qualifikationen gespielt und am Sonntag das Finale.

Bei jeder Series erwarten wir ein Preisgeld von € 25.000,-.



CCC Bonus-System

ccc Concord Card Casino Bregenz Bonussystem Live Poker CashgameSince 10th October you can collect Concord Player Points (CPPs) at the CCC Bregenz to unlock various cash-bonuses.

You get 2, 9 CCP’s per gaming hour. To get graded, new players must have taken their places in the first half of the already started hour.

Every reached level is valid 3 months after the last qualification. In case a player does not fulfil the requirements in time, they will fall back to the previous level.

For example, a gamer reaches 470 points and therefore qualifies for bonus level 3. In order to remain at this level, the player must at least reach 461 points (in total 1.383 points) the following month or per month over the course of the next 3 months.

Omaha High Hand

high hand

From now on the CCC Bregenz offers you a new cash game action, the daily Omaha High Hand. You qualify with at least a Straight Flush 10. If your High Hand is the highest of all registered hands at midnight you will get € 200 in cash.  You have to be present to accept your price.  

Ladies night every Monday

CCC Concord Card Casino Bregenz Poker Turnier Tournament Lady's NightEvery Monday a Ladies night takes place at the Concord Card Casino Bregenz!

All partners accompanying the fairer sex can participate for free at the € 1.500,- tournament

Every Monday at 7pm

Ladies Night
NLHE - 1 Addon á € 20,-
€ 20,- Buy-In + € 5,- Entry-Fee
€ 1.500,- est.

High Hand Action Fri. - Sun.
High Hand Aktion im CCC Bregenz

From Friday 6pm until Sunday 6am there will be € 100,- for the High Hand every 2 hours.

To qualify you will need a Full House with all Aces.

Der Omaha Jackpot

Auf Grund der letzten Ereignisse haben wir uns dazu entschlossen folgende Neuerung beim Omaha Jackpot durchzuführen.

Es gibt nach wie vor die fixe Omaha High Hand mit € 500,-, welche es mit den gleichen Bedingungen zu gewinnen gibt.
(Qualifikation: Straigth Flush ab 10).

Die Auszahlung erfolgt täglich um 24:00 Uhr.